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Portrait of a passionate facialist

For as long as I can remember cosmetics have always been a passion. As a child, I wandered between the shelves of my mom’s pharmacy, then I plunged into her vanity in search of smells and textures that amazed me. As I grew up this passion never left me, so I wanted to put it at the heart of my profession. Thus, I trained in cosmetology and biology via a diploma in aesthetics then with recognized facialists: Delphine Langlois and Catherine Bourgeois within the Academy of facialists. I was able to discover and learn precise and recognized techniques such as the Kobi-do of the Japanese Master Shogo Moshizuki.

Combining expertise, manual work and personalized advice, the profession of facialist supports men and women in the care of their skin. The precise analysis of your face allows me to provide you with the most suitable protocol that will give the best results.

I support you in this way to regain a radiant complexion, reveal the beauty of your face and better address the signs of aging.

My services


60 Minutes – 135€

The hand and the rose quartz Gua Sha work alternately to sculpt the face. The alternation of the hot and the cold of the stone awakens the circulation and brings a deep relaxation. By a precise technique of elastin and collagen stimulation, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. Finally, use of suction cups allows complete drainage of the face for an immediate glow!


60 Minutes – 135€

Thanks to a series of techniques and movements targeted on the muscles of the décolleté, neck and face, this massage provides complete relaxation of facial tensions and tensions to regain overall harmony. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened with precise stretching.


60 Minutes – 135€

By slow and enveloping movements the décolleté, the neck, the face, the arms, the hands and the scalp (without the use of oil for the latter) are massaged to bring you to a total let go. A sweet break to regain radiant vitality!


60 Minutes – 135€

By gentle and slow pressure the lymphatic circulation is revived, allowing the detoxification and decongestion of the tissues. The use of hot and cold rose quartz tools creates a synergy for effective drainage. Revives the radiance of the complexion, helps reduce imperfections, improves dark circles and puffiness. This massage also amplifies the results of other treatments, perfect to integrate into a treatment or in addition to other sessions.


60 Minutes – 135€

More than a massage, a real anti-aging ritual from the Japanese tradition. Quick and light movements alternated with slow and deep movements redraw the contours of the face, tone the muscles and give a radiant complexion. In occasional session: revives radiance and erases signs of stress and fatigue. In regular sessions: slows down the signs of aging.


80 Minutes – 160€

Treat yourself to a real trip to the land of the rising sun by starting your Kobi-do massage with a traditional welcome that includes a foot wrap with oshiboris (hot towels) and some relaxing stretches and movements for total letting go, as well as a facial cleansing with rice powder for visible radiance boost!

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and satisfied customers

I had the privilege of being Céline Guyot Facialiste’s first client and I have already noticed great professionalism. I discovered the beneficial effects of her massages during the 1 hour treatment. A great moment of relaxation that combines the useful and the pleasant. I recommend his services!

Brigitte G.

Great moment of relaxation and well-being with a Kobido facial massage.
Everything was perfect: I recommend!

Laurence M.

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